ClinicalClean SafeMAT Program

Build Goodwill and Increase Business by Offering
"Health Assurance" to Your Customers

Clinical studies have proven that the #1 most contaminated and dangerous playing/practice surface in sports is the mat. Mixed martial arts, wrestling, gymnastics, and tumbling facilities all utilize mats that often contain more harmful bacteria in one square foot then an entire public restroom and the back of an ambulance…combined! The germs and bacteria on these mats cause foul odors and staining that are difficult to remedy. Make no mistake about it! The appearance of mats does promote concern in the minds of clients and their families! If your mats are not in proper condition you could be losing business. Now is the time to separate yourself from your competitors. Added benefits include minimizing your liability risks and reducing overall costs of cleaning supplies and labor. It is so easy and inexpensive to provide the cleanest, most aesthetically pleasing environment for your members and potential members!

Neglected mats can support potentially life threatening bacteria and viruses, including ringworm, Herpes Simplex, Impetigo, and Staph/MRSA!

  • 24/7 Germ Killing Power
  • Safe, Non-Toxic and Green
  • Eliminate Odors
  • Increases Visual Appeal
  • Reduces Risk and Liability
  • Ensures Safety and Compliance
  • Increases Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
  • Saves Money on Equipment Repairs
  • Certificate of Hygiene and Safety

"One incident of infection or disease associated with your facility can destroy your reputation!"

We do NOT replace your current daily cleaning program or service—we compliment what you are doing and ensure the best results possible! Don't risk the damaging effects of one single incident—let the trusted, trained, and certified technicians at ClinicalClean™ provide you with an all-inclusive patent-pending and medical grade 5-stage Sanitizing Process program that cleans, sanitizes, and PROTECTS your mat surfaces from ALL the dangerous pathogens and odor causing bacteria. Our exclusive ANTI-MICROBIAL Protection Treatment Plan promises 24/7 residual kill up to 24 months! As a ClinicalClean SafeMAT Certified™ customer, we will routinely inspect, test, and, if necessary, provide UNLIMITED applications of our Anti-Microbial barrier coating.


Conventional cleaning methods (spray and wipe or mop) simply do not work as they tend to simply spread disease causing bacteria and promote mold and mildew. Often, these harsh chemicals can damage, bleach, and even erode the mat surfaces causing repairs or replacement costs far earlier than what would normally be required. Some of these chemicals, if not rinsed properly from the mats, are toxic and can cause numerous health concerns. Let the experts at ClinicalClean provide you with the safest and most effective program that will provide you with the solution you demand at a price you can afford! Give us a call today to learn more about our SafeMAT Program and what ClinicalClean™ can do for you!


Professional and Collegiate Sports Programs

Collegiate Athletic Directors, Facility Managers, and Professional Sport Organizations rely on this technology and our programs to minimize the risk of dangerous infectious diseases on their mats. Our specially designed programs protect YOUR investments—your athletes—from significant and potentially life threatening bacteria and viruses, including ringworm, Herpes Simplex, Impetigo, and Staph/MRSA!

While our service programs will provide significant savings in equipment maintenance costs, prolong the life of your mats, and reduce your annual expenditure in cleaning supplies and consumables—the single most important advantage of the ClinicalClean Sanitizing and Anti-Microbial Treatment Plan is the protection you/we provide to your athletes and their families. Let us help you provide your teams, your players, and your staff the safest and most germ and bacteria free environment possible!

  • thought-stem"We were mopping our mats every night and started noticing a strong mildew smell. After a week we noticed our mats were losing color and starting to get "dry and cracky". ClinicalClean visited and told us the water from the mopping was getting in between and under the mats causing a mildew problem and that the solution we were using was harmful for the mats AND the kids on them! The recommended a program that only cost $44 per month and our mats look, feel, and smell great! I am actually saving money too as I was paying somebody 10x that per month to clean them for me!!! Homerun!"
    Owner, Gymnastics Training Center
  • thought-stem"I spent over $90,000 on new mats for my gym last year and already they were stained and that sweat odor was back. ClinicalClean offered a program that cost $39.95 a month and within 60 days my mats looked brand new, the odor was all but gone, and I saved almost double that amount in cleaning products alone! Wish I knew about this BEFORE I spent all that money on new mats! I will be a customer for as long as I own this gym!"
    Owner, Martial Arts Studio
  • thought-stem"Without a doubt, the number one concern of every mom is whether our mats are safe for their kids. I had 2 parents claim their sons got plantars warts from training here and that was the icing on the cake—the following week ClinicalClean was in and began treatments. I put the Certificate of Hygiene and Safety on the wall and their stickers all over the place! Now, instead of questions I get to hear them say, "EVERY gym should be doing this!". Great job and thanks for taking this headache away!"
    Owner, Martial Arts Studio

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