The ClinicalClean SafeHOME Program

How safe is the water you drink, the air you breath, and the surfaces you touch?

You love your family! You want them to be happy, healthy and secure. Your house is the one place where you have control of the environment so that you, your kids, your pets and your loved ones who visit will be as safe as they can be. CleanClean™ makes it easy for you to have that peace of mind. Now you can turn to one company to provide all of your environmental service needs. Our base program focuses on your homes' water supplies, air handling systems and the critical surfaces in your kitchens and bathrooms. We sanitize, we filter, we monitor and we even protect food preparation surfaces and bath/grooming areas with a long lasting germ-killing barrier treatment... and we can do much more with a customized environmental service program that meets your specific needs and budget.

So…what, exactly, is in my home that ClinicalClean™ can remedy?

  • VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) in the air
  • MRSA (deadly antibiotic resistant STAPH) on surfaces
  • Allergens & Asthma inducing pathogens (mold, mildew, etc)
  • RADON, Chlorine, Chloramine, Heavy Metals in drinking water and in your bathing water.
  • Noroviruses, Salmonella, E.coli, …. (and other contaminants commonly found on your kitchen and bathroom surfaces)
  • Common flu and colds picked up from schools, work, and public places.
  • Bedbugs, chiggers, dust-mites, and other "biologicals" commonly transferred from home to home and room to room.

The average American family spends almost 90%
of their life in their homes

As the recognized leader in our field, our trained and certified ClinicalClean™ technicians provide medical grade cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting services to commercial, municipal, and private organizations. Chances are, ClinicalClean™ services your own local Fire/EMS Department or Hospital! Now, the ClinicalClean™ SafeHOME Program affords peace of mind to homeowners concerned with the common health hazards found in today's homes. Under the direction of a world renowned microbiologist and utilizing technologically advanced testing, cleaning, and sanitizing equipment, our programs compliment your existing cleaning and maintenance regime while ensuring the safest environment for you, your family, and even your pets!

Our certified and trained inspectors and technicians will evaluate and test your homes' air, water, and surface quality. Our Environmental Systems Engineering Team will provide you with an affordable, cost effective, and personal SafeHOME program manages any shortcomings and enhances the overall hygiene and safety with your home. Working with advanced, GREEN, NON-TOXIC and safe consumables and applicators, we provide base-line conditioning and antimicrobial barrier treatments that make routine cleaning easier and much more effective! We will manage your air filter exchange with MERV 12 antimicrobial filters and conduct routine video inspection of your air movement systems (and clean if necessary). Your household water supply will be tested periodically for any contaminants (RADON, chlorine, sulfur, heavy metals, etc.). If needed, we can install affordable whole house water filter and softening systems that deliver "Better Than Bottled Water" from every faucet in your home! Let us bring our years of experience, our acclaimed expertise, and our superior and totally SAFE and GREEN programs to your home and family!

Call us at 631-940-8810 today for more information and a no-obligation in-home evaluation.

  • thought-stem"For years our water tasted and smelled funny, left stains and rings in sinks and tubs, and caused irritation and itchy skin after bathing. Ever since ClinicalClean installed our whole house water system all those problems are gone and we are saving a tremendous amount of money by not having to buy bottled water! Couldn't be happier! Thanks ClinicalClean!"
    - Victoria L.
  • thought-stem"My children were constantly getting sick and it seemed like we would just pass germs and illness from one person to the other! After starting the SafeHOME program we haven't had one single episode…KNOCK ON WOOD!"
    Sara H.
  • thought-stem"As an epidemiologist I am aware of many of the hazards and dangers we can find OR bring into our homes. Until SafeHOME, there was little we could do and nothing provided the long term benefits nor the low price tag associated with the standards we wanted. We love our home and spend so much time here—now we feel safer and healthier!"
    Bryan D.

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