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Building your membership is as easy as 1, 2, 3…
We can help you with "3"!

Research has shown that the #3 criteria for selecting a gym is "overall cleanliness" (right behind "location" and "hours of operation"). Odors, dirty and sweaty equipment, and "word of mouth" gossip relating to the hygiene of your facility can significantly affect your membership and your bottom line. Conventional "spray and wipe" methods are not enough and often cause cross-contamination and damage to your equipment and machines resulting in costly repairs or replacement expenses. Now is the time to separate yourself from your competitors with an easy and inexpensive way to minimize your risks and liability. A ClinicalClean™ SafeGYM Program will reduce your overall costs of cleaning supplies and labor, prolong the life of your equipment and machines, increase confidence and loyalty from your members, and provide the cleanest, most aesthetically pleasing environment for your members and potential members!

  • 24 /7 Germ Killing Power
  • Safe, Non-Toxic, and GREEN
  • Eliminate Odors
  • Increases Visual Appeal
  • Reduces Risk and Liability
  • Ensures Safety and Compliance
  • Increases Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
  • Saves Money on Equipment Repairs
  • Certificate of Hygiene and Safety

"It only takes one incident to ruin your
reputation or business…"

Today's consumers, especially those focused on health and fitness, understand the dangers of germs and bacteria commonly found in public places. A member's claim of infection or exposure to Staph/MRSA can be devastating to your reputation. We do NOT replace your current daily cleaning program or service—we compliment what you are doing and ensure the best results possible! Our exclusive ANTI-MICROBIAL Protection Treatment Plan promises 24/7 residual kill up to 24 months! As a ClinicalClean SafeGYM Certified™ customer, we will routinely inspect, test, and, if necessary, provide UNLIMITED applications of our Anti-Microbial germ killing and invisible barrier coating guaranteeing the highest level of safety and hygiene for you, your customers, and your community!

There are just too many people exercising and not enough time OR staff to adequately wipe down each apparatus after every use! Furthermore, these chemicals are costly AND are extremely damaging to your equipment. Water based solutions/chemicals promote rust and degrade equipment quickly, often shortening their lifespan by as much as 80%! The ClinicalClean™ 5-Stage Sanitizing Process utilizes MINIMAL water and will bring your facilities and your equipment to a baseline condition that your current service provider or in-house staff can maintain more effectively on a daily basis. Generally, we will re-visit your facility quarterly or semi-annually to test and measure the effectiveness of our barrier treatments and re-apply if necessary AT NO ADDITIONAL COSTS!

Don't risk the damaging effects of one single incident—let the trusted, trained, and certified technicians at ClinicalClean™ provide you with an all-inclusive and medical grade 5-stage Sanitizing program that cleans, sanitizes, and PROTECTS your fitness equipment, fitness rooms, mats, and even your restrooms and locker rooms from ALL the dangerous pathogens and odor causing bacteria. Give us a call today to learn more about our SafeGYM Program and what ClinicalClean™ can do for you!

Professional and Collegiate Sports Programs

Collegiate Athletic Directors, Facility Managers, and Professional Sport Organizations rely on this technology and our programs to minimize the risk of dangerous infectious diseases in their locker rooms, weight training areas, and practice/field areas (mats, turf, etc). Our specially designed programs protect YOUR investments—your athletes—from significant and potentially life threatening bacteria and viruses, including MRSA!

While our service programs will provide significant savings in equipment maintenance costs, prolong the life of your fitness equipment and machines, and reduce your annual expenditure in cleaning supplies and consumables—the single most important advantage of the ClinicalClean Sanitizing and Anti-Microbial Treatment Plan is the protection you/we provide to your athletes and their families. Let us help you provide your teams, your players, and your staff the safest and most germ and bacteria free environment possible!

  • thought-stem"Our gym is only 18 months old but we were already receiving complaints about the odors in the spin and specialty rooms. We tried fans, sprays, and even hired a cleaning company to come in but it seemed to make it worse! After just 3 months with the SafeGYM program I can honestly say the odors are gone and our machines and equipment look great!"
    Franchise Owner, Major Fitness Facility
  • thought-stem"3 new gyms opened within 2 miles of ours and we were struggling with keeping our clients let alone getting new customers. We did a mass mailer and highlighted our contract with ClinicalClean and their antimicrobial treatment plan. Within a week I had 4 women visit and join—all said they were fed up with dirty gyms that didn't care about their members!"
    Owner, Gym and Fitness Facility

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