The ClinicalClean SafeCART Program

Is your Business Goodwill at Risk from an Invisible Nemesis?

Surveys tell us that a major concern of today's shopper is the sanitary conditions of retail stores, specifically the carts and baskets used to carry food items. Consumers are educated by a media filled with reports of the spread of infectious diseases and outbreaks of contaminated livestock and vegetable supplies. The average consumer has become increasingly aware of the potential health hazards associated with the simple task of food shopping. What if a serious case of infection or disease is associated with your store? Consider the damage, both in terms of money and reputation, that a single claim or incident can have on your business… ClinicalClean™ offers a simple and cost-effective program that can protect your customers, your employees and your business. Utilizing and promoting the SafeCart Program will raise the level of YOUR customer loyalty while reducing risks to your business and reputation. It's like adding a "heathcare" benefit at a premium expense too small to notice!

  • 24/7 Germ Killing Power
  • Safe, Non-Toxic and Green
  • Eliminate Odors
  • Increases Visual Appeal
  • Reduces Risk and Liability
  • Ensures Safety and Compliance
  • Increases Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
  • Saves Money on Equipment Repairs
  • Certificate of Hygiene and Safety

"72% of Shopping Carts Test Postive for Fecal Matter"

It takes only one incident to seriously damage your reputation…

Don't risk the damaging effects of one single incident in your stores—let the trusted, trained, and certified technicians at ClinicalClean™ provide you with an all-inclusive, medical grade, 5-stage Sanitizing Program that cleans, sanitizes, and PROTECTS your carts, baskets, and various other food prep/storage areas from ALL the dangerous pathogens commonly found in America's food stores. Our exclusive ANTI-MICROBIAL Protection Treatment Plan promises 24/7 residual kill up to 24 months! As a ClinicalClean SafeCART Certified™ customer, we will routinely inspect, test, and, if necessary, provide UNLIMITED applications of our Anti-Microbial germ killing and invisible barrier coating guaranteeing the highest level of protection for you and your business.

Your customers deserve and WANT to feel safe in your stores and the ClinicalClean SafeCART Program will provide you with a cost effective way to prove to them that you listen and care for their concerns. All ClinicalClean SafeCART customers receive "ClinicalClean Approved" status along with the Certificate of Hygiene and Safety. In addition, we offer placards, stickers, and signs that you can post throughout your facility and on each serviced item that you have taken the appropriate measures to ensure your customers' safety. For as little as $2.45 per cart PER YEAR, we can guarantee the highest level of protection and safety available today!

PS! We can clean, sanitize and apply antimicrobial protection on all surfaces and equipment throughout your store, including food preparation and food storage facilities. Pathogens such as deadly MRSA can remain active on a surface up to 68 days and can affect any individual that comes into contact with it…why risk the health of your staff, your customers, or your business when a simple and low cost solution is available?! Call us today to learn more about what ClinicalClean™ can do for you!

  • thought-stem "In one month we had 14 complaints from our shoppers that our carts were dirty…and this was AFTER we incorporated a weekly cart cleaning program that took 3 people 5 hours to do. The SafeCART program has proven itself and then some! It's been almost 7 months and not only have we not had 1 complaint, I have actually gotten compliments from customers that noticed the SafeCART sticker on our carts! "
    Grocery Store, Long Island
  • thought-stem "We used to power wash our carts only to find out that we were damaging them, removing lubrication, and causing rust. We had to replace 87 shopping carts after just 11 months. With the SafeCART program we get cleaner carts, happy customers, and we have only had to replace 2 carts in the last year. The program paid for itself the first day!Thanks guys!"
    Store Manager, Supermarket

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