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ClinicalClean™ believes that the appropriate response to the danger of infectious disease, unhealthy homes and business, and natural disasters (flood, fire, smoke, etc), centers on protocol, product, and knowledge. By focusing our efforts to understand the elements that negatively affect our lives and their habits, we can identify appropriate measures, programs, chemicals, and applicators to help you protect yourselves and ensure the highest standards and quality of life! Serving medical facilities, equipment, and vehicles for almost a decade, we now bring our experience, protocols, and the highest levels of sanitizing and disinfecting programs to your homes and businesses.

We are NOT a janitorial service company, nor are we a house-cleaning/maid service. We are an environmental services company with a "bit of a twist"… our focus is on preventative measures that have proven to minimize great risks. While conventional cleaning services are critical to ensuring a clean and aesthetically appealing home or facility, our programs and services focus on the things you cannot see (bacteria, germs, pathogens) and ensuring a hygienic and sanitized environment. Our programs are designed to work in tandem or complement your current cleaning regime.

To accomplish our objective we have formed a team of industry experts committed to providing our technicians and consultants the relevant and crucial information they need to support your sanitizing and disinfecting needs. A talented pool of microbiologists, epidemiologists, scientists, mechanical and electrical engineers, and industry professionals make up our research and development center that has devised the programs and protocols, as well as manufactured much of the machinery and applicators, our technicians use throughout our services.

Co-Founder and Director of Business Development, Toomas Niemann, leads this highly experienced and dedicated team.

At ClinicalClean™, our mission is two-fold…
1) To increase awareness and provide information to our clients and our community regarding the dangers and risks associated with improper facility/home hygiene 2) To relentlessly pursue the most technologically advanced and cost-effective programs, solutions, and products to minimize those risks and ensure the safest environments where we live, work, and play.

Toomas graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point with a degree in Environmental Science and Systems Engineering. After a successful and highly decorated career in the Army, culminating with Company Command and deployments and missions throughout the United States and Europe, Toomas entered the corporate world in the medical arena serving as Regional Sales Manager for a Fortune 500 medical device company. While growing the business and increasing sales in his territory over 800% in 7 years, developing relationships with numerous hospital and pre-hospital care institutions, and providing safe and cost-effective solutions to thousands of industry professionals in the tri-state area, he and several business partners realized there was a lack of proper hygiene practices and services in the medical arena…

After several years of research, testing, and communication with local, state, and federal institutions and governing agencies, ClinicalClean™ was formed and began providing on-site routine and emergency medical grade sanitizing and disinfecting services in the medical arena. Knowing that pathogens and infectious diseases continue to evolve and advance, so to must our programs and search for the RIGHT way to combat these dangers. With this mindset, ClinicalClean™ takes great pride in continually upgrading our programs with the most advanced EPA certified solutions and products available on the market.

In 2010, ClinicalClean™expanded its scope and focus and presented its medical grade sanitizing and disinfecting programs and tools to the commercial, industrial, and private sector. Fitness facilities, commercial properties and office buildings, and schools/daycare centers added to our growing list of customers interested in providing the safest environments to THEIR clients.

In 2011, after years of evaluation and testing, ClinicalClean™ partnered with a manufacturer of a special anti-microbial application and electro-static applicator that allows for long term residual kill while maintaining our focus on GREEN, safe, and non-toxic solutions to our clients! This revolutionary product has added a truly unique dynamic to our arsenal of disease fighting weapons—the ability to provide long term benefits reduces costs to our clients while drastically increasing their ability to reduce the threat of infectious disease and dangerous pathogens.

ClinicalClean™ then realized that although preventative measures are critical to provide the safest environments where we live, work, and play, there is also a need for continuous emergency services for situations we just can't predict, control, or plan for! Flooding, fire, smoke, mold, etc…these often catastrophic events can significantly alter our lives and thus qualify within our mission statement as areas we must be able to provide the highest standards of remediation! Training, certification, and partnerships with industry within numerous fields and sciences have strengthened our knowledge base and solidified our reputation as a LEADER in remediation practices and services. Whether it is air quality testing, mold inspection, dehumidification science, or smoke damage remediation…the ClinicalClean™ Team is ready and willing to respond!

As experts in the field of surface area hygiene and safety, ClinicalClean™ realized that there are other threats to healthy environments in our homes and businesses, specifically in the air we breathe and the water we drink/cook/bath in. In early 2012, ClinicalClean™ launched its signature SafeHOME™ program and complete industrial line of facility programs (SafePRACTICE™, SafeGYM™, SafeMAT™, SafeSCHOOL™, SafeSPA™, SafeCART™, and SafeEMS™). Our programs have evolved from medical grade surface sanitizing to whole home and whole facility safety and hygiene practices. Today we represent and carry a complete line of whole house water purification and softening systems, antimicrobial HVAC air filters, air purification devices, approved cleaning and sanitizing products with antimicrobial protection, antimicrobial mattress, pillow, and crib protectors and encasements, and numerous other items focused on providing the safest and most hygienic environments for our clients!

If it involves health and safety in your homes or businesses, then the folks at ClinicalClean™ are your first line of defense!

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